Trademark Registrar - Why Registering a Trademark

A couple of days ago I was asked: ” Why shall I register my company Name, I am using it for many years?” Hmmm, this should be the best reason to protect your Name.

If you have a business, then your name is your unique recognition value, customers know your name, they recommend you, you have a brand. It took years to get your name across. What if someone else registers your name and claims it? Then you risk to lose your name, which you have built up over years.

It can not happen if you protect your name properly. With a trademark registration, you do not only protect your name, but you build a unique value. You differentiate your business and your products and lift them up.

A value is only there if it is created, if you own it, if you do not enter your name there is no real value. We help you to register your brand, create your value and protect your name.

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