Trademark Registrar, Brexit Situation

What will happen to European Trademarks after Brexit?

A lot of things are not quite sure for the Moment but one thing seems to be clear there will be major changes to Trademark Regulations and Laws in the United Kingdom.
As existing UK Trademarks will remain the same in the UK, it might be possible that EU Trademarks will be of no value in the UK.

UK Courts will no longer be bound to the Court of Justice of the EU on Trademark Laws. Means that in case of any dispute there will be no legal regulation.

A transitional regime will be lasting in the UK until 31 December 2020 during which EU Law will continue to apply in the UK. During this time EU Trademarks are still protected in the UK but no longer after 31.12.2020. After 31.12.2020 applications for UK National Trademarks have to be made to the UK Intellectual Property Office directly and no longer to an EU Institution, UK Trademarks will, after 31.12.2020, no longer be part of the European Community Trademarks (ECTM).
For complete EU Trademark Registrations the situation will probably be as with Norway. If complete EU Trademark Registrations shall be made, an individual UK Registration has to be made at the UK intellectual Property Office.

But seeing the actual situation and the reaction of many UK Politicians it can and certainly will be possible that regulations might change.

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