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Trademark Monitoring

You have registered your Trademark, congratulations. But what now?

As every value, you need to have an eye on your value. As Trademark Owner you should monitor the market to avoid that someone else is registering marks, that are similar to yours or even the same with a different class. With a proper market research and monitoring, you can protect your brand against potential infringement and avoid that you lose values.

Trademark Offices, sometimes do not see conflicts and similar or same Trademarks with different classes will be registered. If you monitor the markets you can react immediately and make an opposition against such registrations. These Oppositions will, at most Offices, cost a little bit of money but it’s definitely worth it as it’s for sure less cost-intensive as losing your values or go into a legal battle after the trademark has been registered.

We monitor Trademarks all over Europe and North America. We check every national office on a regular base and we inform our customers immediately if we see that someone tries to register a similar or the same Trademark and we consult what shall be done to protect values.

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