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Trademark Registrar - Trademark Registration Icon

Trademark Registration

We register your European Trademarks. Easy, reliable and transparent.

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Trademark Analysis

We analyse if it is possible to register your Trademark before filing the registration. You will receive a report.

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Trademark Audit

We offer a service to verify if your Trademark is properly registered and make recommendations.

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Trademark Monitoring

We Monitor your Trademark after the registration to protect your value.

How does it work?

We help registering your Values


Trademark Analysis

Highly Recommended

We analyze if your Trademark can be registered. This is not necessary but highly recommended as you will not get a full refund if your Trademark registration is refused.


Trademark Registration

We file the Registration for you

After verification we will file the registration for you. We keep it transparent and we help you with every aspect of the Registration.


Follow up Services

Services you need after the registration.

Even after the Registration, Trademarks need some attention. You should Monitor the Trademark to protect your Value. We can make an evaluation and/ or Trademark Auditing.