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Trademark Registration

Register and Protect your Trademark in all countries of the European Union with one class of Products and Services for 10 years.

We file the registration for you and keep you informed about every step of the registration.

Price: 1790,00EUR no VAT

Trademark Registrar Trademark Analysis
Trademark Registrar Trademark Analysis

How does it work

Trademark Basics

A little bit of theory

Trademarks are signs used in trade to identify products. You may use the (R) sign behind your name after the registration has been proecessed.

The Registration takes 3 Months before your Name is officially registered. Within the 3 Months your Name will be examined by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and third parties who believe your trademark should not be registered have three months to object. The third parties must have a good reason to launch an opposition.

If no objection is raised and if there is no problem during the examination your Trademark will be published for the chosen Goods and Services in all countries of the European Union.

You can register the following Trademark Types:

Word Mark
A word mark is represented using words, letters, numbers or any other characters that can be typed.

Figurative Mark
A figurative mark is represented using pictures, graphics or images; a figurative mark does not contain words or letters.

Figurative mark containing word elements
A figurative mark containing word elements combines the use of pictures, graphics or images with words or letters.

Shape Mark
A shape mark is represented using a three-dimensional shape, such as the actual product or its packaging.