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Trademark Monitoring

After the Registration, Trademarks need some attention. You need to verify if no one else is registering similar Trademarks or even trying to register Trademarks that come close to yours.

Price:  830,00EUR no VAT per year

Trademark Registrar Audit
Trademark Registrar Audit

How does it work

Trademark Monitoring

Have an eye on your Value

Even after the registration there is some work to do. You have to check if no one wants to register same or similar Trademarks as yours. National Registration offices sometimes don’t verify specially on similar Trademars.

We can do this for you. We check on a regular base all Trademark Offices and we react immediately if we see a Tardemark breach. You will get a detailled report about the checks we make.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Trademark verification on monthly base
  • Verification includes Trademarks and classes
  • You will receive a detailled report on a monthly base
  • Report includes european Domain Names
  • We inform you immediately when we see something and consult you about the steps to take